Gluten-Free Cakes: all of our cakes are gluten-free and served with our buttercream frosting, unless ordered otherwise. 

Cake SizeServesRegular FlavorSpecialty FlavorUpcharge*
6" Double Layered Cake6-8$25$30+$5 DF or DF/EF
8" Double Layered Cake10-12$35$40+5 DF or DF/EF
8" Double Layered Corn or Rice Free Cake10-12Not Available$50+$5 DF or DF/EF
8" Double Layered Sugar Free Cake10-12Not Available$60+$5 DF or DF/EF

Please come to Zinnia Bakery or call (806) 803-9076 during business hours to place your order. We require a signed contract that details cancellation and deposit requirements for all special orders of $50 or more.


Zinnia Bakery